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Building The Magnetic Energy Generator

by John Richard magnetic-generator-videos

Video # 1 – Preparing the Magnet Rotor Plate

The Magnetic Energy Generator is based on 2 metal Magnet Rotor Disks made of steel. On this disk I already drilled four holes + 1 in the center. These holes are required to mount the rotor to the hub. Draw two lines connecting two opposite holes and then add two more lines, going through the central hole. This way you will divide the disk into eight equal parts. After that draw an inner circle on the disk. Then drill 8 holes in the disk each in exact same distance from each other. And then you need to use screw-tap to tapp the holes.

Video # 2 – Preparing the Faceplate Paper

Take a piece of paper and place the disk on it. Then cut the paper along the outer line of the disk. Next placed the paper on the disk. Place 8 magnets on the paper at equal distance. Then cut the paper again along the outer line of the magnets. Next you make marks on the paper for the disk holes and make incisions with a chisel. Then you will place a ring on the paper and cut the paper along the outer line of it. The paper is ready.

Video # 3 – Constructing the Magnet Rotor Disk

Take the disk and place a paper on it. Then place the outer mould on them. Insert screws on outer mould and on the disk holes. Place a ring on the disk and fixed it with glue. Then place the 8 magnets on the disk at equal distance. Fill in the gap with resin. Place the paper between faceplate and stack. Put the coil along the outer lines of the magnets. Wait for the resin to dry and clean the plate Removed the ring and the screws from outer mold.

Video # 4 – Assembling it All to be Magnet Motor

Place the two magnet rotor disks side by side. Insert the bearing hub between the two disks. The permanent magnet motor is ready to use now. As the magnets push and pull each other depending on their positions of north and south to each other, the disks will rotate and accelerate continually.

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