Car fob keys

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Synchronizing remote control [1]

In the event of malfunctions, synchronize remote control:

  1. Switch on ignition; system will then remain in sychronizing mode 30 seconds.
  2. Briefly press button "on" or "off" for 30 seconds
  3. The central locking system locks and unlocks to show that the remote control has been sychronized.

Nissan Key fob Re-sync guide.

KEY FOB PROGRAMMING NISSAN SYSTEM DESCRIPTION The Central Door locking is controlled by the Multi-Remote Control system which controls the door locking, door super locking and hazard reminder. When the doors are locked and unlocked the unit flashes the hazard lights once for lock and twice for unlock.

A maximum of four remote controls are allowed to be programmed.


Ensure all the doors have been unlocked, either by using a good transponder key or remote control plip key.


  1. Turn the ignition switch from Position 0 to ON 6 times within 10 seconds.
  2. Then turn ignition switch to OFF position. Leave key in ignition switch.
  3. After 2 seconds, the system will enter programming mode and will flash the warning lights twice.
  4. Press and HOLD the unlock button on the Plip.
  5. While pressing the unlock button, press the lock button 3 times.
  6. Release the unlock button.
  7. The warning lights will flash once to indicate successful programming.
  8. Repeat procedure 4 to 7 for up to 4 plip key’s.
  9. When completed turn ignition ON, and the warning lights will flash 2 times.
  10. Remove key, and check all plip key’s for operation.

NOTE : The programming mode will stop when either the ignition is switch ON, 4 plip keys have been programmed or no input signal either from the switch or plip keys has been received for 120 seconds.

Vauxhall key fob Re-sync guide.

To resync the fob to the car, turn on the ignition with the key and press the lock button within a few seconds of turning on the ignition.

BMW Guides.

X5, E46, E38 & E39 Diamond Shaped Key

To carry out this procedure you need to have one working key and one key which requires programming. Please read on if you do not have a working key as this is also covered further down. It may help sometimes to hold the key close to the rear view mirror as this is where the sensor is located in most models.

  1. With both keys, get in the car and close all windows and doors.
  2. Put working key into the ignition and turn to position 1 (the accessories should turn on)
  3. Turn the key back to position 0 and take the key out of the ignition.
  4. Using the working key, hold down the unlock button, press the BMW logo (lock button) 3 times, and release the unlock button. Doors should lock and unlock.
  5. With the new key, hold down the unlock button and press the BMW logo (lock button) 3 times and let go of the unlock button. Doors should lock and unlock and you're done!!

Alternate Procedure:

  1. Switch ignition on and off within 5 seconds, with all doors closed.
  2. Take key out of ignition and press unlock button. Hold unlock button whilst pressing the lock button 3 times, all within 10 seconds.
  3. Release unlock button.
  4. The system recognizes re-programming by locking and immediately unlocking the doors.
  5. You have to do your other keys within 30 seconds after reprogramming your first key by following steps 2,3 & 4 only.

Alternate procedure if above doesn't work or if you do not have a working remote:

  1. Turn key to position 1 five times very quickly
  2. Remove key
  3. Hold unlock button then press lock button 3 times, release unlock button.
  4. If you have another key do the same button pressing within 30 seconds
  5. Turn on ignition to finalize

Older 3 Button Key (E36, E38, E39)

Remote Key Re-Initialize - If a key fails to operate remotely, it will have to be re-initialized (all keys in sequence at the same time)

  1. Get in and close all doors
  2. Turn the ignition on & off quickly (no more than 5 seconds) to start the process. Next action must take place within 30 seconds
  3. First key - hold down button #2 (unlock - on the bottom left with the key blade pointing up) while striking button #1 (lock - the BMW logo) three times. Release button #2. This should be confirmed by door lock operation.
  4. If you have more than 1 key then you need to repeat for the other keys within 30 seconds of first or they will be rendered inactive.
  5. After last key then cycle the ignition on/off to finalize the process (it is not necessary to start the engine).

Both keys should now have new randomly selected security code words - assigned by the car's system. Those codes will be continuously incremented within the new sequence each time you hit a button. It is when they get out of sequence with the car that they loose the capability to be recognized and you then have to do this again.

This occurs when you take longer than 1 minute changing the battery, or if you hit the buttons more than 1000 times when it is out of range of the car.